Frequently Asked Questions

Experts recommend replacing your garment every 6 months, since compression garments may lose elasticity over time. However if your garments shows signs of extreme wear and they don’t have the same compression support any longer, we recommend consulting with a fitter to replace the garment or be re-measured.

Royfa, does not sell directly to consumers yet all products are available on our authorized dealers websites and in shops.

All Royfa garments can be washed by hand or machine on gentle cycle using warm water and mild detergent. Tumble dry on low heat. We also recommend using a laundry bag to protect the garment

Elastic garments are not recommended to be worn at night, unless advised by your physician otherwise.

Compression garments should be worn during the day and should be taken off and washed at night.
It is best to consult with your healthcare professional for what extent of time you will need to wear compression garments.

Please refer to the diagram on the website for donning doffing instructions.

It is highly recommended to wear compression garments during flights to prevent blood clots and swelling.

You don’t need to wear additional socks over your garments since the compression garment serves as sock, yet if your prefer you may.

Royfa has several catagories in compression styles to benefit many different needs that customers may have. For all day comfort or atheltic performance, dress and elegant or even classic and natural, there is something for everyone.

Fresh water will not harm your garments, however chlorine will damage the compression in your garment.

Graduated compression means that the pressure applied from the stockings is greatest at the bottom of the legs, near the ankle, and gradually decreases further up the leg.

All Royfa garments are covered items by most major insurances. Please consult with your local authorized Royfa Dealer to find out more details on your insurance coverage.

All Royfa compression stockings are manufactured in the USA.

Please refer to the size chart for measuring instructions.

Royfa garments are graduated medical compression, tested and certified for quality and support.

No. It is beneficial to wear compression garments as a prevention and a healthier lifestyle.