Heather Opaque Knee High Stockings 20-30mmHg

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  • Achy Fatigued Legs
  • Varicose and Spider veins
  • Pre and Post Vein procedure
  • Poor Circulation
  • Prolonged standing and/or sitting
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The Heather Opaque
The Heather Opaque of Royfa is rich in appearance and delightfully soft to the touch. They can be worn as a bold compliment to a casual look, or provide sophistication to business or evening attire. A supportive treat for tired, aching legs, that will ensure all day comfort. The Heather Opaque will enrich your legs with the medical compression you need and the fashion & style you love.


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Ebony, Gray, Navy


Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge


Heather Opaque




20-30 mmHg



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  • Sizing Chart: The Sheer, Opaque, Heather Stockings, Knee High

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Small Medium Large X-Large XX- Large
Ankle 7” - 8” (17.75 - 20.25 cm) 8” - 9 1/2” (20.25 - 24 cm) 9 1/2” - (11” 24 - 28 cm) 1” - 12 1/2” (28 - 31.75 cm) 2 1/2” - 13 1/2” (31.75 - 34.25 cm)
Calf 10 1/2” - 14 1/2” (26.75 - 36.75 cm) 11 1/2” - 15 1/2” (29.25 - 39.25 cm) 12 1/2” - 17” (31.75 - 43 cm) 13 1/2” - 18” (34.25 - 45.75 cm) 14 1/2” - 20” (36.75 - 50.75 cm)

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